Radient Barriers

Everything You Need to Know Before Investing in Radiant Barriers for Home Insulation

The roof’s heat keeps the attic warm even with a ventilation system installed. This may be an issue in regions that experience extreme heat during summers. Radiant barriers can reduce cooling costs by 5 to 15% in the summers. They are not your typical insulation material. Instead of absorbing heat, radiant barriers have a shiny surface that reflects light and its subsequent heat.

Here’s everything you need to know before investing in radiant barrier insulation.

How Do Radiant Barriers Work?

Radiant barriers are also known as reflective barriers. They don’t reduce heat flow to and from your home. Instead, they reflect light and heat with their shiny surface.

Are Radiant Barriers As Effective As Other Insulation Materials?

Radiant barriers can’t be used as a replacement for typical insulation options like cellulose and fiberglass. Install attic insulation and radiant barriers for effective temperature control. The move makes homes more energy-efficient and comfortable during warm weather.

Recent experiments show radiant barriers reduce indoor temperatures by around 42% when used with other insulation materials. We’d recommend you pair spray foam insulation with radiant barriers for temperature control in your attic. Reach out to our insulation contractors in Pasadena for cost estimates.    

How Much Does Radiant Barrier Insulation Cost?

The typical range of radiant barrier insulation should be around $740–$2,840. The average cost, including materials, may be around $1,700 for the entire setup. The pricing heavily depends on the attic size. The insulation costs around $150–$1,000 for 500 square feet.

You might have to get your attic clean before installing radiant barriers. Don’t call insulation contractors unless you’ve asked them for a written quote. Contact our attic cleaning and insulation contractors in Pasadena and Hollywood for a free consultation.

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Which Type of Radiant  Barrier Should You Go With

Radiant barriers can be both perforated and non-perforated. The radiant barrier you choose depends on the local climate and humidity. If your radiant barriers are installed on your attic floor, they may be affected by the room’s humidity. Install attic fans and a good ventilation system to keep the air moving in your attic.

Humidity also affects your current insulation. Inspect your attic insulation for damp patches. Ensure you don’t have air leaks in the wall for effective attic insulation.  

Radiant Barrier Installation

Radiant barriers should be draped over the rafters. They work best when applied directly to the roof sheathing. Install the barriers on the underside of the roof decking if you have an asphalt shingle roof. Leave some air space to promote ventilation around the foil. This also helps keep the air dry throughout sweltering summers.

Call Us for Insulation Installation in Hollywood and Pasadena

Our Hollywood insulation contractors offer radiant barrier installation services at affordable prices. Our flexible financing options help you choose the best insulation material and method for your attic. Call us at 877-870-7998 to learn more about our crawlspace and attic cleaning services.

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