Effective Ways To Make Your Home Energy Efficient

Looking for quick and easy ways to make your home more energy-efficient? There are many ways to make your house more energy-efficient including lowering monthly energy bills. Also, it is good for the environment. Deciding how to go with improving your energy efficiency can seem overwhelming but the good news is you don’t need to do everything at once.

There are many small changes you can make to enhance your energy efficiency significantly. Let’s have a look.

Avoid Air Leakage in Your Home

You may be losing up to 30% of heat from your home due to drafts and air leaks. Begin with your doors and windows and inspect for loose or damaged caulking. Consider rubberized caulking which expands and contracts with the home for maximum draft-proofing. This is also a good time to add weather strips and draft blockers and install heavy, insulated and lined curtains.

Air leaks are an all-year-round problem as they let out warm air during winter and cool air during summer causing your HVAC system to work overtime to compensate for this problem. This change can significantly increase energy efficiency by causing the HVAC system to run at a more reasonable level and reduce unnecessary wear and tear on the system saving you even more money in the long-run.

Update Your Home Insulation

The ideal is for the attic temperature to match the outdoor temperature as closely as possible which you can only achieve with proper insulation. This upgrade should also take care of ice problems on the roof top and moisture problems in the attic if any.

You may also want to consider insulating your pipes and hot water tanks. Up to a quarter of your home energy bills come from your water heating so this is a good area to make significant savings and improve energy efficiency by retaining as much heat as possible in your house. The same goes for insulating your floors, walls and ceilings as the budget allows.

An effective way to ensure maximum energy efficiency for the money and effort is to get an expert opinion. Professionals conduct audits on the best way forward for the situation and the budget. Insulation contractors also help with many of these improvements including installing attic Insulation in Los Angeles.

Hire Professionals for Insulation in Los Angeles

DIY home insulation cannot achieve the same results in energy efficiency as a professional home insulation installation. At Pure Eco, our professional insulation installers provide practical insulation solutions that will make your home highly energy-efficient. Contact us today to know more about Insulation in Los Angeles.

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