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Pure Eco offers energy efficient insulation service to provide thermal comfort in the home, improve air quality, and help homeowners save money. Chatsworth residents on average spend 36% more on electric bills than the rest of the country. The extremely hot summer climate leads to frequent use of air conditioning. A/C is less effective since majority of homes in the community were built between 1950 and 1970 and have original, outdated Insulation, especially attic insulation. When homes have insulation that is not up to date or is an inadequate amount, heat stays trapped in the home which causes extreme discomfort to the whole family at high costs.

Fortunately, Pure Eco has the solution!

As a family company, we understand the family home has so much potential, and it should be maximized for affordable prices. Our knowledgeable, highly trained staff can help you customize which services your home needs. The services we perform include attic and ceiling insulation, wall insulation, crawl space insulation, soundproofing, radiant barrier, attic fan, seal cracks, ductwork replacement, attic and crawl space cleaning, even rat proofing! With the extremely hot Chatsworth summer around the corner, the time is now to call Pure Eco for Insulation services to help keep your home cool!

How does insulation work? And why do I need it?

Insulation balances heat flow by filling in and circulating energy between areas that are drastically different in temperature. This process is known as conduction (the way heat goes through solid things) and convection (how heats movement through gas and liquids).  Convection is why heat rises and cool air falls.

Since heat rises and cool air falls, quality attic and ceiling insulation is critical to keeping your home cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cool out. We use top of the line insulation and expert methods of installing by trustworthy, highly skilled staff to ensure your home is getting the very best results.

What are the benefits?

Insulation prevents large amounts of dust and allergens from entering the air it protects, improving your family’s health and overall happiness, so you can breathe easy!

Energy Efficiency

Conserving energy is crucial for our future, so we use CertainTeed sustainable insulation products, which carry the Greenguard Gold Certificate.

What kinds of insulation are there?

There are several types of insulation, and each has different benefits. Some of the options for insulation we install include fiberglass, cellulose, wool, even denim! Our installers can recommend which material and method used to install it will work best in your home.

Fiberglass Insulation

Fiberglass insulation is a great option. Primarily made from sand and recycled glass, the CertainTeed brand we use is made from recycled materials and saves over 10 times the energy it takes to install it! Its plant based binder and has no added harsh acrylics, formaldehyde, unneeded fire retardants, and is moisture resistant. The plants the fiberglass is made in are “best in class” for energy efficiency as they conserve a lot of water and waste.

Fiberglass, one of the oldest installation methods, is known for its sound absorbing capabilities, it’s non-combustion factor, and the wide range of R-values it can come in.

What is R-value?

The R-value of insulation is the ability of the insulation to resist heat flow. The higher R-value, the better the insulation resists heat. Since Chatsworth is subject to such hot summers, a higher R-value insulation will provide more efficiency. Our technicians can determine which R-value would optimize thermal balance in your household.

Cellulose Insulation

Cellulose insulation is known for keeping out undesired air, helping with trapped heat and strengthening thermal convection. It is made from about 80% recycled newspaper materials and 20% chemicals, such as boric acid, which make it non-flammable. Cellulose is one of the most well-known types of insulation.

Insulation Installation Methods

We install our materials using batts or blown in method.


Batts are when the materials are compressed into a blanket or roll with a vapor-barrier backing.   

It works by being fitted in primarily regularly shaped, pre-exposed walls and is held up in between the joists and wall studs. Using batts does not create a mess, and is flexible to fit. Where there are pre-existing non-exposed walls, using batts would require opening the whole wall.  If the space to be insulated is a non-standard irregular shape, batts can possibly leave small gaps. In both these instances, we recommend using blown-in method.


Blown-in method of insulation works by filling every corner with a special machine. It’s a much better option for ceilings, areas with non-standard shapes, and rooms where walls are already standing. Using the blown-in method of installation means even spaces with pre-existing walls can get an insulation transformation!

Radiant Barrier

In the attic, we can add radiant barriers which will reflect the sun’s radiation even more! Created from technology used by Nasa, radiant barriers work by rebounding solar rays. These barriers are incredibly effective in areas such as Chatsworth, where it is often sunny and will become overwhelmingly hot even before summer officially begins. For extra savings on your heating and cooling bills, ask us about more of the many benefits of installing radiant barriers!

Air Seal Service

Using our air seal service ensures any possible gaps (for example, around pipes and holes from electrical piping) are closed up. This makes your home draft-free, meaning dust and debris fails to moves in and out of the insulated area so your family can breathe cleaner air.

Ductwork Repair

Ductwork repair and vent replacement will keep the house from becoming drafty and prevents polluted air from entering. Dirt can ruin ducts and vents in time, which means the air traveling through the duct is dusty and contains unhealthy elements to breathe in. When it comes to ductwork, it is important to have clean working ones to help the home operate the best.

Attic Fan

If you’ve found your attic becomes excessively hot, we can add an attic fan to keep the area from overheating. The attic fan will also prevent moisture and mildew (during cooler months as well) from growing while reducing the use of the air conditioner even more! Pure Eco installs an attic fan with a thermostat. This means when the attic reaches the desired temperature, the attic fan automatically turns off. We use shock barrier between the attic fan and the wall so the vibrations the fan produces while spinning will not affect the integrity of the wall it connects to, keeping the structure of your home in great shape!

Wall Insulation

Wall insulation provides thermal comfort to the home and is necessary for maximum savings. If walls are not insulated properly, heat will move into the area throwing off the temperature and making the room uncomfortable. We use blown-in and batts to add the wall insulation as well, and offer soundproofing as an additional material option!


Soundproofing with our premium Roxul materials not only helps reduce noise, it also improves fire resistance, making your home even more safe! Chatsworth is a relatively small city where the families that call it home hear the trains from Chatsworth Station, music echoing from Chatsworth High School Marching Band practices, and traffic everywhere from Topanga Canyon to the 118 Freeway rushing all around. Larger families mean a lot of activity, and a lot more noise, so soundproofing is an excellent option for homes in the Chatsworth Community! Roxul soundproofing also increases safety because it is fire resistant!

Crawlspace Insulation

We highly recommend using crawlspace insulation to keep dust and rodents outs. All sorts of critters can enter the home through the crawlspace areas and spots that don’t have proper insulation. Many different types of allergens, dust and germs enter as well and make the air harsh.

Rat Proofing

We offer rat proofing to help keep rodents away from your home. Rodents not only terrify many people, they also carry disease and germs to your family. They aren’t easy creatures to deal with preventing or getting rid of, so we can help you keep them out to begin with.

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