Attic Fans: Here is What your Need to Know

Here is all that you need to know about attic fans!


Here’s How Quality Insulation Can Keep Pests Out Of Your Home

Insulation is one of the most important investments you will ever make as a homeowner. Whether you are planning to add insulation to your existing home or your new home, you should know its many benefits.

From temperature control and energy saving to sustainability and comfort, everyone knows that home insulation offers many benefits. However, most homeowners would not know that insulation installation also helps you keep pets out of your home, especially when you get attic insulation or crawl space insulation.

Read this blog to learn more about how quality insulation can keep pests out of your home.

Types of Insulation for Pest Prevention

There are several types of insulation that are used if you wish to control and prevent pest infestation in your home or attic. Some of them are listed below:

  • Cellulose insulation
  • Spray foam insulation
  • Polyurethane foam insulation

How Insulation Keeps Pests Out Of Your Home?

Most insulation materials are pest-proof as they are treated with boric acid and other anti-pest chemicals. You can even ask your insulation installation contractors to use materials that can help control and curb pest infestations.

Pests like roaches can die when they eat and digest this treated insulation. Also, if you have larger pests, you can call pest control services to get rid of them and then insulate the area to make sure they don’t get inside your home gain.

Therefore, insulation works both ways, whether it is for elimination or prevention.

Other Tips to Keep Pests Out of the Home

Finally, here are some tips to help you keep pests out of your home.

  • Keep your home clean
  • Seal holes and other entry points inside the home
  • Seal holes in the doors and windows
  • Prevent moisture accumulation
  • Keep crawl space and attic dry
  • Inspect your garage doors
insulation 2
insulation 2

Insulation Installation at Pure Eco Inc.

Now that you know how quality insulation can keep pests out of your home, it is time to reach out to the experts. Pure Eco Inc. is a licensed insulation installation service provider, with years of industry experience. Our team of insulation contractors in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, and other cities in California.


3 Ways To Save Energy In Your Hollywood Home

In recent years, people all over Hollywood, Northridge, and Pasadena have been looking to make their properties more energy efficient due to the multiple benefits it brings. Not only does it help save costs on bills, but it also provides greater protection to your property from wear and tear, which can ultimately help you maintain good property value if you ever wish to sell.

Generally speaking, insulation across multiple areas of your home will surely help achieve this, but for the best results, you’ll want to consult with a specialist who will guide you through the specifics.

To ensure that your home is energy efficient, here are some things you should do:

1. Install a Radiant Barrier

A radiant barrier can be a very useful addition to your home because it acts as a barrier against solar radiation. For people living in Pasadena and nearby areas, the climate can become extremely hot and dry during the summer months. To beat the heat, we recommend installing radiant barriers because it will help reduce the pressure on your air conditioner to cool down your home.

These barriers can be installed in attics and crawlspaces because air often leaks from these areas as they can be trickier to insulate. Luckily, our experts are well-experienced in insulation installations across attics, crawlspaces and other areas of your home.   

Hands in gloves painting a ‘go green sign’ in green color on white paper

2. Invest in Home Insulation

One of the most effective ways of saving energy is insulating the walls, windows, doors and ceilings of your Hollywood home. You might not realize this, but there are small openings in windows and doors from where cool air can leak outside, which makes your air conditioner work harder and longer to cool your home.

Similarly, your ceilings and walls absorb heat which reduces the cooling effect of your air conditioner, so adding insulation barriers here can also contribute significantly to energy saving. One important aspect you should know about is the R-value of insulation materials, which directly determines how well the material will insulate. The higher the R-value, the greater the insulation.

3. Check the Air Ducts

Air ducts are often one of the more neglected areas of a home. But for a well-insulated home, you should really pay attention to your air ducts, as they can develop cracks and also harbor dirt and harmful bacteria such as asbestos. This compromises airflow and can be dangerous to your health.

If you think that your air ducts might be leaking air, you should get them checked. If they are far too damaged, they will need to be replaced as their function within your home is crucial, i.e. regulating air in the rooms.

Should you wish to speak with an expert regarding an insulation issue, call us at 877-870-7998 with your queries. Our Northridge, Pasadena, and Hollywood insulation contractors conduct thorough assessments of each property we are working on and provide a free cost estimate to all our clients. Send us an email at to get your free quote!


Reviewing Fiberglass for Insulation in Rancho Cucamonga

Investing in reliable home insulation materials is a good idea as winter approaches. Fiberglass is one of the most common insulation materials in the US. It’s eco-friendly and works quite well for attics, roofs, ceilings, and basements. Fiberglass insulation is also preferred for crawlspace insulation. It’s installed between the subfloor’s joist and the crawlspace.

Insulating an attic can take around three to five days, considering the size of the attic. The attic’s condition also contributes to the time it takes to clean it, fill air leaks and gaps, and install the insulation.

Understanding Fiberglass Insulation

Fiberglass is made of extremely thin glass fibers. It’s used as a reinforcing agent for many polymer products. The material traps heat and slows heat transfer. Fiberglass comes in the form of batts for most attic insulation projects. It’s not true that fiberglass rolls are more effective than fiberglass batts. Both use fiberglass and are equally effective for attic and ceiling insulation.

The Affordability of Fiberglass

The average cost of fiberglass batt insulation is around $1700. The fiberglass insulation costs vary depending on the method used and your attic’s size.

Blown-in fiberglass insulation is becoming more common these days. Insulation contractors blow loose fiberglass using a special type of blower. The process offers better results than batt insulation. Fiberglass leaves out on crevices and nooks when installed as batts. The blown-in method makes sure the insulation covers every corner.

Overall, fiberglass is not very difficult to install. It’s highly affordable as well. Our attic insulation contractors in Gardena and Rancho Cucamonga offer a free consultation for fiberglass insulation in the area. Ask for insulation estimates before hiring professionals for the project.

Pros of Fiberglass Insulation:

Fiberglass is Energy Efficient

Fiberglass insulation helps reduce a significant amount of energy costs. Fiberglass reduces noise pollution as well. Fiberglass can lose its potential over the years if it’s not installed by a professional.

Fiberglass is Eco-Friendly

Eco-friendly home installations are a great option to reduce waste. Fiberglass is an environmentally-friendly insulation material.  It’s a great option to meet your sustainability goals with an affordable pricing range.

Fiberglass is Fire-Resistant

Fiberglass is a natural fire retardant made from recycled sand and glass, offering little to no fire hazard. The material is also not flammable, adding more safety to your homes in Rancho Cucamonga.  

Some cons of fiberglass insulation include the limited coverage it offers. Fiberglass is also not a feasible insulation material for areas with high moisture content, so consider installing attic fans in your home for increased attic ventilation.


What Can A Dependable Insulation Contractor Bring to the Table?

Recent research estimates that around 90% of homes in the US are still under-insulated. The homes heat up faster in summers and contribute to increased energy crises and electricity bills throughout the country. Besides maintaining indoor temperatures, quality insulation controls noise and sound pollution. Get in touch with our insulation contractors in Gardena to decide which insulation material would suit your home best.  

Find out what can a reliable insulation contractor bring to the table.

They Help Choose the Right Insulation Material

There are numerous home insulation products available in the market. Choosing the right insulation material depends on the region and your budget. Homeowners don’t install the same kind of insulation throughout the home. Our reliable insulation contractors help you choose the ideal home insulation for your property. Some other factors to consider while choosing the right insulation material include:

  • Your region’s humidity ratio
  • Noise pollution in the area
  • The R-Value of insulation materials  

Asbestos Removal and Air Duct Replacement

We’d not recommend removing old insulation without expert guidance. Most insulation in older homes has asbestos in it. Breathing asbestos fiber can be highly harmful to the lungs and damage your health. At Pure Eco Inc., we can help you schedule asbestos removal services in Glendale and Hollywood. Hire our attic insulation services today for air duct installation for your new insulation project.

Homeowner and Contractor Safety

Dirty attics are a health hazard for the homeowner and the attic insulation contractor. Licensed attic and crawlspace insulation contractors use protective gear and other safety features for protection. Old insulation material often has critters living in them. Safe removal of old insulation is essential for your family’s safety.

Energy Saving

Expert insulation contractors not just help you choose the right insulation material for your home. They reduce a great deal of your residential energy consumption. Describe your budget and insulation requirements to your insulation contractor during the consultation session. Only decide to work with a   contractor once they have inspected your home’s old insulation.

They Ask for No Re-Takes

An overly warm, excessively humid indoors is a sign of poor insulation. Dependable insulation contractors get it correct the first time around. Their insulation fixtures are highly durable and long-lasting. Your attic insulation is problematic if you notice changes like cold floors, higher temperatures, and fluctuating energy bills even after insulation.

wall insulation
wall insulation

Image Filename: insulation-material

Image Alt Text: a worker installing wall insulation

This also applies to homeowners who prefer insulating attics themselves. While attic insulation for some materials like fiberglass is easier, other materials like spray foam require an expert hand.

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