Energy Efficiency

3 Ways to Make Crawl Spaces Energy Efficient

Did you know that your crawl spaces, basements, and attics are often overlooked spaces that can help save energy in your home?

The crawl spaces are seldom used in your home and are often neglected. During winter, freezing drafts can make your home colder. While during the summer, warm air can accumulate in crawl spaces making your house lose the cooling from the air-conditioner.

Fortunately, here are some ways you can make your crawl space more energy efficient:

Insulate Your Wall Perimeter

The most efficient way to insulate your crawl space is to use an insulation board in the walls of the entire crawl space. This way, the entire crawl space can maintain and regulate the temperature by letting in any external air and the internal air out. This will also protect your plumbing and wiring.

Seal All Your Ducts And Use Insulation

Your crawl space also contains plumbing pipes, wires, and air ducts between the joints. The air system in your home is connected to these ducts and regulates the internal temperature. So, it’s important that there are no duct holes to deal with. If your air duct has a hole or leak, cold and hot air can infiltrate your crawl space, changing your home’s internal environment. You can always call for an insulation installation to seal your air ducts and crawl spaces for energy efficiency.

Insulate Your Crawl Space Door

Just like you insulate your other doors in the house, your crawl space door also needs to be insulated well. This will block any cold or hot air from outside and keep the internal temperature constant. Whether the door is accessible from the outside or inside, you should ensure that it’s airtight. You can use weather stripping along the edges to keep out the drafts and use an insulation board in the door to provide firm insulation.

a man installing insulation on the wall

Get Affordable Insulation Installation In Simi Valley

Preventing the passage of air in your crawl space can protect your home from temperature changes and reduce costs on energy and utility. If you’re looking for quality insulation installation services in Simi Valley for your home, attic, basement, or crawl spaces, check us out at Pure Eco Inc.

You can get in touch with us now to get a quote on your insulation project.

Energy Efficiency

Worried Your Home Isn’t Energy Efficient?

For a better future, all environmentally concerned homeowners want to reduce their energy usage. Your investment in the next generation is made when you reduce your electricity use. Your carbon footprint goes down and the sustainability of our planet goes up when you consume less energy.

A lot of factors determine if a home is energy efficient or not. The internal ventilation of a house is significantly influenced by the flooring. In cold climates, insulation becomes crucial because the flooring regulates 10% of the heat.

By keeping the inside at a constant temperature for a longer period of time, a well-maintained crawl area can lower your monthly energy costs. Homeowners in Los Angeles can hire insulation installation experts to complete this task quickly and affordably.

Here are some ways you can make your home energy efficient.

Protect Against Moisture

The main cause of crawl space problems is moisture. It could weaken the construction of the house or raise energy costs. Long-term effects from even a tiny amount of water vapor exposure can be devastating.

Due to inadequate insulation, the dirt beneath your crawl space may be soaking water. This is why a barrier between the ground and the crawl area needs to be installed in every home. It acts as a barrier to keep problems like dampness, mildew, and others outside your house. It aids in keeping the appropriate humidity level in the crawl space, ensuring that the air inside your home is perfect for its occupants.

Seal the Door

Your crawl space’s access door needs to have an airtight mechanism inside. Look for any gaps in the door and the surrounding joints. An experienced crawl space insulation business can assist you in quickly identifying these issues and providing immediate remedies.

Examine the Air Ducts

You must immediately examine the state of your air ducts if you want to keep the temperature in the house constant. The air ducts of your HVAC system exit into the crawl space of your home. It’s crucial to keep these air ducts fully insulated and sealed if you want to save energy costs.

An expert insulating a wall

If you need any sort of help with insulation, make sure to get in touch with Pure Eco Inc. We are a professional insulation installation company in LA and provide crawl space insulation, attic and ceiling insulation, soundproof insulationwall insulation, and more. Contact us now for more information.

Energy Efficiency

6 Reasons for High Power Bills in Santa Monica

Most homeowners in Santa Monica don’t pay attention to minor fluctuations in their energy bills. But these minute changes often indicate serious electrical and insulation installation problems around the house. Fixing this problem is easier with the help of professional HVAC and insulation contractors of Santa Monica. The reasons for a high electric bill vary from one household to another, and here are some of the most common ones.

1. Power Wastage

There are many appliances, chargers, and plugs in your home that might be consuming energy without you knowing it. When you put all of this wastage together, it can make a substantial impact on your monthly electric bill. Make a habit of switching off TVs, microwaves, and all other appliances from the source when not in use. These little changes can go a long way in terms of energy conservation.

lit light bulbs

2. Improper Insulation

Your home constantly leaks from the roof, attic, and floor. Even your home’s walls, windows, and doors can let out heated or cooled air. Investing in energy-conserving insulation services will impact the functionality of your HVAC system and reduce its electricity consumption.

3. Old Appliances or Wiring

Old appliances and wiring have higher electrical resistance, which increases their energy consumption. This is why your home’s electrical wiring also needs to be updated with the other systems.

4. Thermostat Issues

The thermostat of your house should be adjusted throughout the day, depending on the weather conditions and needs of your family. Even a few degree changes can bring your energy bill down by a lot. Alter your wardrobe instead of reaching out for the thermostat every time, and conserve energy.

5. Starting Your Day Late

Daylight-saving experts recommend starting your day early so that you can make use of natural light as much as possible. You will be able to replace expensive artificial light with sunlight and maintain an early bedtime routine as well (saving more electricity).

6. Climate Conditions

This factor is not in the control of a resident and impacts all people of Santa Monica unanimously.
You cannot control the effects of global warming and weather fluctuations, but you can make changes within your household with the help of Pure Eco Inc. Our company offers expert insulation installation and HVAC repair services throughout Santa Monica. Visit our website now and limit your home’s energy consumption smartly.

Energy Efficiency

6 Ways to Make Your Home in Thousand Oaks More Energy-Efficient

You can make certain simple changes around your home in Thousand Oaks to make it more energy-efficient. While you may not notice much besides savings on your bills, this will make a world of difference to our planet. 

These tips are very easy to follow and shouldn’t cost you much. When you change a few things here and there, your water, gas, and electricity bills will be reduced along with your carbon footprint. 

Use Compact Fluorescent Bulbs (CFLs)

Old light bulbs use much more energy than is required to have a well-lit home. You can switch to compact fluorescent bulbs. While these bulbs might cost more than your regular bulbs, they are worth investing in as they help you save money over time. 

These bulbs also last ten times longer than any regular incandescent bulb does. Once you start using them, you will notice the difference they make. 

Set Water Heater to Warm Setting

Another great way to cut down spending on your electricity is to regulate the temperature of your water heater. You can set the temperature to a warm setting, which is 120°F – 130°F. You won’t be needing water hotter than this temperature for your clothes or dishes. 

For showering, you can use low-flow fixtures in the showerheads. Additionally, you can also insulate your pipes, so the water stays warm for longer. 

Clean Your Appliances

When it comes to appliances, especially large appliances, they require a lot of energy. If any of the exhausts or vents of your large appliances are clogged with dust, this causes them to use up more energy. Cleaning the motors, vents, and exhausts of your appliances can not only make them more energy-efficient but also make them last longer. 

Try Energy-Efficient Appliances

In line with saving energy through appliances, you can also switch to energy-efficient appliances. This will make a huge difference as energy-efficient appliances use less energy. So, switch to energy-efficient ovens, dishwashers, fridges, freezers, fans, and even kettles. 

Unplug Appliances and Chargers

A great way to save up on energy is to remove the chargers from the power sockets when your device is done charging. When no device is attached, remove the chargers. If you don’t do so, your chargers will keep drawing energy. 

insulation contractor in Thousand Oaks

Improve the Insulation in Your Home

The best way to make sure you’re improving your home’s energy efficiency is to add or improve the insulation in your homes in Thousand Oaks. During winter, instead of using heaters all the time, you can make sure your home has good insulation that traps the heat inside. Heaters are also costly and damage the environment. 

Proper insulation will also make sure there is no air leakage. Install insulation around your doors, windows, ceilings, floors, walls, basements, crawl spaces, and attics. If you can do it yourself, that’s amazing. However, you can also call experts to help you out. 

For proper insulation installation for your home in Thousand Oaks, you can hire a professional insulation contractor. Hire Pure Eco Inc for expert insulation contractors who will provide you with a free consultation and various financing options. Reach out to us today to learn more.

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