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Radient Barriers

Everything You Need to Know Before Investing in Radiant Barriers for Home Insulation

The roof’s heat keeps the attic warm even with a ventilation system installed. This may be an issue in regions that experience extreme heat during summers. Radiant barriers can reduce cooling costs by 5 to 15% in the summers. They are not your typical insulation material. Instead of absorbing heat, radiant barriers have a shiny surface that reflects light and its subsequent heat.

Here’s everything you need to know before investing in radiant barrier insulation.

How Do Radiant Barriers Work?

Radiant barriers are also known as reflective barriers. They don’t reduce heat flow to and from your home. Instead, they reflect light and heat with their shiny surface.

Are Radiant Barriers As Effective As Other Insulation Materials?

Radiant barriers can’t be used as a replacement for typical insulation options like cellulose and fiberglass. Install attic insulation and radiant barriers for effective temperature control. The move makes homes more energy-efficient and comfortable during warm weather.

Recent experiments show radiant barriers reduce indoor temperatures by around 42% when used with other insulation materials. We’d recommend you pair spray foam insulation with radiant barriers for temperature control in your attic. Reach out to our insulation contractors in Pasadena for cost estimates.    

How Much Does Radiant Barrier Insulation Cost?

The typical range of radiant barrier insulation should be around $740–$2,840. The average cost, including materials, may be around $1,700 for the entire setup. The pricing heavily depends on the attic size. The insulation costs around $150–$1,000 for 500 square feet.

You might have to get your attic clean before installing radiant barriers. Don’t call insulation contractors unless you’ve asked them for a written quote. Contact our attic cleaning and insulation contractors in Pasadena and Hollywood for a free consultation.

 the image of an attic

Which Type of Radiant  Barrier Should You Go With

Radiant barriers can be both perforated and non-perforated. The radiant barrier you choose depends on the local climate and humidity. If your radiant barriers are installed on your attic floor, they may be affected by the room’s humidity. Install attic fans and a good ventilation system to keep the air moving in your attic.

Humidity also affects your current insulation. Inspect your attic insulation for damp patches. Ensure you don’t have air leaks in the wall for effective attic insulation.  

Radiant Barrier Installation

Radiant barriers should be draped over the rafters. They work best when applied directly to the roof sheathing. Install the barriers on the underside of the roof decking if you have an asphalt shingle roof. Leave some air space to promote ventilation around the foil. This also helps keep the air dry throughout sweltering summers.

Call Us for Insulation Installation in Hollywood and Pasadena

Our Hollywood insulation contractors offer radiant barrier installation services at affordable prices. Our flexible financing options help you choose the best insulation material and method for your attic. Call us at 877-870-7998 to learn more about our crawlspace and attic cleaning services.


Ideal Insulation Material and Method for Your Attic

Insulation is one of the key roles of an attic in modern homes. When properly installed, insulation materials can keep the heat from escaping your house in the winter, keeping it warm. In the summer, insulation can keep outside heat from getting in, keeping your attic from heating your house. This lowers the energy you spend on heating and cooling, which makes this energy crisis your cue to call insulation installation in Pasadena today.

For this post, we asked our Pasadena insulation professionals at Pure Eco what materials and methods are used for attic insulation. Here’s what we learned.

Person installing attic insulation in Pasadena

Materials Used For Attic Insulation in Pasadena 

The materials used to insulate the attic floors and walls are usually made of fibers. Fibrous materials have tiny pockets that trap air inside them. Air is an excellent insulator of heat. These materials use thousands of layers of these air pockets to restrict heat transfer between your house and your attic. This is also how clothes keep us warm.

There are three categories that these materials fall into. They all work using the same principles, but different materials can offer diverse advantages. The three types are: 

Blanket Insulation

This is the most popular and cost-effective attic insulation in Pasadena that fits the needs of most households. Your insulation contractor will probably suggest blanket insulation unless you have specific needs.

Blown Insulation

This insulation can better fill even the smallest spaces in your attic. Blown insulation also holds stronger than blanket insulation.

An attic with blown insulation in Pasadena

Soundproof Insulation

Although other types of insulation are adequately soundproof, few meet the performance of insulation designed with soundproofing in mind. This insulation is commonly used in media rooms and houses near train stations and airports.

Insulate Your Attic With Pure Eco

At Pure Eco, we’re a leading insulation contractor dedicated to making your house more eco-friendly. With our insulation installation services in Pasadena, you can make your home more energy efficient and start saving on your bills now. We also offer insulation installation services in Hollywood and Northridge.

Want to make your home more energy-efficient? Contact us now!

Attic insulation

Ways to Keep Your Attic Moisture-Proof

Water can get into your attic in several ways. Many houses lack proper attic insulation in Pasadena, allowing heat and humid air to transfer between the house, the attic, and the outside. This deteriorates your attic and makes your house use more energy on heating and cooling, driving up your bills. 

We asked our experienced attic insulation professionals in Pasadena for their advice on keeping an attic moisture-proof. Here’s what we learned. 

Water pouring off shingles

Make Sure Your Roofing Is In Good Shape

The number one source of moisture in your attic is damaged roofing. Asphalt roofing can last decades, but it is vulnerable to localized damage. Your flashing may also deteriorate over time, allowing water into your attic. Make sure your roofing is intact and looks good from the outside.

Look For Leaks in The Attic

Humid air has water mixed with it in gaseous form. If your attic isn’t properly insulated, air from different areas of your house can get into your attic. In the winter, your attic is at a lower temperature than the humid air in your house. The lower temperature brings the water vapors in the air back into the liquid state, damaging your attic. See if there are any leaks in your attic and in the insulation.

Insulate Your Attic With Pure Eco

Even if you can’t find any leaks in your attic, there’s no guarantee that air won’t flow into the attic without proper insulation. If your attic is not insulated or is under-insulated, we recommend calling professional insulation installation in Pasadena before winter.

Person installing attic insulation in Pasadena

The average house in California pays $194 for electricity. This is significantly higher than the national average. The global energy crisis isn’t helping either. Getting your attic insulated will help you save a lot of money this winter and in the future.

At Pure Eco, we’re a Pasadena insulation contractor offering a range of attic insulation solutions for your needs. We’re dedicated to making the environment greener, one attic at a time. We also offer attic insulation in Northridge and Hollywood.

Want to make your attic more efficient and free from moisture? Contact us now!

Attic insulation

Ways Attic Insulation Can Save You Money

Dealing with high energy bills each month can be quite worrisome. The leading cause of high energy bills is little to no insulation in your home. While re-insulating the whole house can be costly, attic insulation for energy efficiency would be a good move! The EPA notes that a regular homeowner can save around 11 to 15% of total energy costs by adding insulation in attics, basements, and crawlspaces.

How Much Does Attic Insulation Cost a Regular Homeowner?

Consult our insulation contractors to estimate the total attic insulation cost for your home. Forbes estimates the average cost for attic insulation to be around $5 per square foot. This includes pricing of around $2000, including labor and insulation material. Costs for attic insulation largely depend on the attic’s size.

Attic Insulation for the Floor and the Roof

Insulating your attic floor and roof can save you a good deal on your energy bills. You can add as many insulation layers as you want in an unfinished attic space. If your heating and cooling ducts pass through the attic space, you can install the insulation against the roof. Make sure you choose an insulation material with the appropriate R-value for Californian homes.

For homes in Los Angeles, Tarzana and Camarillo, we’d suggest attic insulation with an R-value of around 30 to 60. The more the R-value of your insulating material, the more heat-resistant it is.

Less Humidity Leads to Less Paint Flaking

Attic insulation is closely related to reducing moisture content in your homes. Installing attic fans provides the much-needed ventilation homes need when it’s humid and warm. If the attic insulation includes vapor diffusion retarders, the moisture content in your home is most likely to reduce.

Lessened humidity due to good insulation leads to less paint flaking and reduced termite growth. Insulating the attic reduces the costs of annual home maintenance.

attic-insulation in progress

Decreased Use of Electrical Appliances

You don’t have to operate your heating and cooling devices on full blast when blown-in attic insulation is installed. We’d recommend loose-fill cellulose or compact fiberglass insulation for homes that have not been re-insulated for the last ten years. Decreased home appliance use will impact energy bills in the long run. Not only are you conserving energy this way, but you are also limiting energy costs for years to come.

Don’t Forget to Seal Air Leaks Before Attic Insulation

Older homes have numerous air leaks and cavities in the walls. Those air leaks during extreme weather lead to temperature imbalance in your home. Save your money by inspecting the walls for air leaks and cavities.

Free Insulation Consultation at Pure Eco Inc.

We understand how multiple financing options allow homeowners to choose from a diverse range of insulating materials. For attic insulation in Canyon Country and Camarillo, opt for our insulation contractors! Contact us at 8778707998 for our attic and crawlspace insulation services.  

Energy Efficiency

Worried Your Home Isn’t Energy Efficient?

For a better future, all environmentally concerned homeowners want to reduce their energy usage. Your investment in the next generation is made when you reduce your electricity use. Your carbon footprint goes down and the sustainability of our planet goes up when you consume less energy.

A lot of factors determine if a home is energy efficient or not. The internal ventilation of a house is significantly influenced by the flooring. In cold climates, insulation becomes crucial because the flooring regulates 10% of the heat.

By keeping the inside at a constant temperature for a longer period of time, a well-maintained crawl area can lower your monthly energy costs. Homeowners in Los Angeles can hire insulation installation experts to complete this task quickly and affordably.

Here are some ways you can make your home energy efficient.

Protect Against Moisture

The main cause of crawl space problems is moisture. It could weaken the construction of the house or raise energy costs. Long-term effects from even a tiny amount of water vapor exposure can be devastating.

Due to inadequate insulation, the dirt beneath your crawl space may be soaking water. This is why a barrier between the ground and the crawl area needs to be installed in every home. It acts as a barrier to keep problems like dampness, mildew, and others outside your house. It aids in keeping the appropriate humidity level in the crawl space, ensuring that the air inside your home is perfect for its occupants.

Seal the Door

Your crawl space’s access door needs to have an airtight mechanism inside. Look for any gaps in the door and the surrounding joints. An experienced crawl space insulation business can assist you in quickly identifying these issues and providing immediate remedies.

Examine the Air Ducts

You must immediately examine the state of your air ducts if you want to keep the temperature in the house constant. The air ducts of your HVAC system exit into the crawl space of your home. It’s crucial to keep these air ducts fully insulated and sealed if you want to save energy costs.

An expert insulating a wall

If you need any sort of help with insulation, make sure to get in touch with Pure Eco Inc. We are a professional insulation installation company in LA and provide crawl space insulation, attic and ceiling insulation, soundproof insulationwall insulation, and more. Contact us now for more information.

Attic insulation

The Lowdown On Soundproof Insulation

Who doesn’t love coming home to a relaxed and peaceful environment after a tiring day at work? Relaxing after a rough day is important, but it might not be possible if your home isn’t calm and quiet. There could be due to a number of reasons. Maybe your house is by a busy street, and there’s a lot of noise pollution due to traffic. Maybe you live in an extended family where there are a lot of people in a single house. Or maybe the neighbors are a bit too noisy?

The solution to all these problems is to get your room or your house soundproofed through soundproof insulation. There are multiple options available for you to soundproof your home. Here are some of them:

1. Sound Absorption

Among the most common soundproofing techniques is the sound absorption method. In this method, a material, cellulose or fiberglass, is typically used to insulate the walls, and it absorbs sound without letting it pass through. Decreased sound transmission leads to the quiet and calm house you want.

2. Sound Dampening

You might think sound dampening is the same as sound absorption, but this isn’t the case. These two are separate techniques. Sound dampening doesn’t absorb the sound. Instead, it causes the excess sound to scatter by dissipating the sound waves. It doesn’t work with impact sounds and will not be able to dissipate that.

3. Sound Reflection

Sound reflection is another common technique people use for soundproofing their homes. In sound reflection, the sound is reflected back from its source, making it stay away from the desired location. The sound reflection technique is very common in soundproofing studios.

A Studio

4. Sound Decoupling

This method is arguably the most complex but subsequently offers the best results as well. Sound decoupling involves separating surfaces like the ceiling, walls, and floor. This results in sound vibrations not being able to travel easily. A common type of sound decoupling technique is a false ceiling. It’s highly effective when it comes to impact noise. If you have noisy neighbors or loud family members, this method will work best for you.

If you’re in search of a professional soundproofing insulation installation company in California, Pure Eco Inc is the best choice. We offer soundproofing services, as well as attic and ceiling insulation, crawl space insulation, wall insulation, and more. Get in touch with us now for further details on los angeles insulation contractor and more.

Attic insulation

Radiant Barrier: Do You Need It?

Homeowners across America that have sunny and warm climates are installing radiant barriers in a bid to reduce the buildup of heat in the summer. It’s a great option for homes looking to reduce their energy bills which have grown dramatically over the past few months. Learn about the benefits of radiant barrier installation in this blog.

How Does It Work?

Radiant barriers are a great way to protect your home from the scorching sun. They reflect heat and do not allows heat to radiate through the ceiling. This makes it more effective than insulation which only absorbs heat and slows down its buildup. With a radiant barrier, you can experience a reduction in the need to run air conditioning which helps reduce the energy bill substantially. They are perfect for use over water pipes, hot water tanks, and wrapping ducts. 

Prevents Build Up of Moisture

Moisture can wreak havoc on your family’s health and increase the chances of heat exhaustion, dehydration, and muscle cramps. It can also affect the aesthetics of your house by damaging curtains, wall linings, wallpaper, and paintwork.  A radiant barrier helps to prevent moisture and hot air from passing through your ceiling and going inside your house.

Easy to Handle

Insulation materials like fiberglass are tough to install and can emit particles that can lead to a host of medical issues, such as respiratory and skin problems. Radiant barriers are safer, which makes them easy to install and handle.

Complements Existing Insulation

Radiant barriers are the perfect complementary layer over your existing insulation and add to its R-value and performance.Thermal efficiency goes up a notch with radiant barriers as 97% of radiant heat gets reflected.  

More Durable

Radiant barriers are more durable as they are made of materials that birds and rodents don’t find appealing to chew on. This makes them dependable and can last for a very long time.

Installation in progress.

Radiant Barriers Installation in Rancho Cucamonga

On the lookout for a professional insulation company in Los Angeles? At Pure Eco Inc., we have become a household name delivering high-quality insulation services across California, including San Fernando Valley, Tarzana, Monrovia, Rancho Cucamonga, and Los Angeles. Our comprehensive portfolio of solutions includes attic and ceiling insulationsoundproof insulation, radiant barrier insulation, and crawl space insulation. 

Contact us for professional insulation installation in Pomona today. Check out what our customers have to say about us here.

Attic insulation

Soundproof Insulation: How It Can Improve Acoustics in Your Building

Picture this: You just got home from work after a long and tiring day and all you want is a good shut-eye so that you can wake up all refreshed for the big meeting in the morning. But just before you tuck yourself in, you hear deafening sounds from your neighbor’s apartment downstairs who is having a party and you’re unable to rest!

This is an extremely common situation people find themselves in. As more people live in cities and urban areas,traffic, construction, and other sources of noise can make it difficult for people to concentrate or get the rest they need at night.

While some people might want to call the police or go knocking at their neighbor’s door to ask them to keep it down, it is generally best to focus on what is in your control such as the acoustics of your building. There are ways you can soundproof your apartment and home and reduce noise transmission from one area of the premises to the other.

In this blog, learn how soundproof insulation can help improve your home’s acoustics. We also delve into the reasons why insulation should deserve top consideration as well as some ways you can achieve it. But before that, we need to understand what noise pollution is.

Dangers of Noise Pollution

Noise pollution is a real problem. It’s not just the loud music from your neighbor’s party or the sound of traffic on a busy street. Noise pollution can also come from constant, low-level noise, like the hum of an air conditioner or the sound of refrigerators running in an apartment complex.

The World Health Organization has classified noise pollution as a danger to human health and for good reason. Noise pollution can cause a host of problems, including sleep deprivation, anxiety, and cardiovascular issues.

But there are some simple things you can do to reduce noise pollution. Wearing earplugs or noise-canceling headphones can be a temporary fix to block out some of the noise. But with constant low-level noise like that from an air conditioner, you need to find ways to overcome them by managing acoustics in your space.

a worker installing insulation
a worker installing insulation

What is Soundproofing?

Soundproofing is a process through which materials are added to walls and ceilings to reduce vibrations from outside noise sources. It can be done on any surface and in any type of room such as the bedroom or living room.

Soundproofing can be achieved through the use of reflective and absorptive paneling on the walls of your home or building as well as by selecting as high-quality materials as possible during the construction and remodeling of the home. Have your ceiling level at optimal heights to avoid sound getting lost in dead space. Furthermore, the placements of furniture can also weigh in on the acoustic profile of your building. It’s ideal to have soundproofing done during the initial construction phase so there isn’t any reconstruction ordeal to deal with later on.

How Does It Work?

Sound insulation uses materials such as fiberglass, cotton, cellulose, stone wool, or mineral woolto reduce noise transmission and absorb sound waves that travel through the air. These dense and thick materials block sound waves and help create better acoustics.

Insulation installation in progress.
Insulation in progress

How to Check a Room’s Acoustics?

To check the acoustics of your home, you can hire an expert or do it yourself by assessing if there are minimal echoes and low noise in the background in a room. Check if the sound distribution is uniform or not and the reverberation time is minimal or simply how quickly the sound fades away.

Why Is Managing Acoustics On Commercial Premises Important?

Acoustic comfort is important for homes, offices, and other settings such as retail shops and hospitals. Good acoustics in offices is important for several reasons. It can help with productivity by reducing distracting noises, thereby, improving your concentration. These panels increase privacy to stop people from listening to conversations, especially in board room meetings.

Noise can be either inside or outside of your building and it could be loud or soft. A lot of people are exposed to noise levels at work that may lead to hearing loss. Unsafe noise levels on the job could lead to hearing loss, tinnitus, or other ear problems.

Noise pollution can have adverse effects on people’s health. It can cause stress and anxiety that can lead to cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension and even heart attack in some cases. It has the potential to affect your hearing capabilities and the quality of your sleep. This is why hospitals pay special attention to acoustics in rooms as it helps increase the privacy and comfort of the patients. Patients will find it hard to recover if they are exposed to loud noises. External noise dangerously contributes to increased blood pressure, and heart and breathing rates and can cause cognitive impairment and sleep disturbance.

Similarly, retail shops want to improve consumer experience and don’t want sound from outside road traffic to be a nuisance to their customers. Furthermore, people in offices or students in a school or university will find it hard to concentrate if there is noise coming from outside.

insulation in progress
insulation in progress

Benefits of Good Acoustics in Homes

Gives Peace of Mind

If you live in a place where there are lots of construction sites, factories, etc., nearby, soundproofing your home can give you peace of mind. Soundproofing will also help protect your family’s health and reduce the chances of noise damaging their ears.

A Relaxing Environment

Acoustic comfort contributes to the mental health and overall wellness of the occupants living in a home. The sound of your environment can influence how you feel about yourself, ultimately affecting your health. Most importantly, soundproofing your home can ensure you sleep better, relax after a long day, and even lower your stress levels.

Enhances Mood

It’s not just bad news for your ears: if you’re not comfortable with the noise around you, it can affect your mood, productivity, and quality of life. In our modern world, a lot of people suffer from insomnia and other sleep disorders because of the noises around them.

Gym Echo Reduction

A lot of people prefer to workout at home, which is why they build a home gym. However, operating treadmills at high speed or throwing dumbbells and kettlebells around can be a nuisance for the rest of the family. This is why measures for gym echo reduction should not be ignored.

Be a Good Neighbour

By soundproofing your home, you can have fun and host parties without disturbing your neighbors or getting in trouble with the law. This also helps to improve acoustics which leads to better music sound quality and experience for everyone within your home.

Can help people with ADHD

ADHD is a disorder that affects a lot of people globally. It can prevent people from performing well in their professional and personal lives due to problems with hyperactivity, impulsiveness, and not being able to focus. People with ADHD often have trouble paying attention, controlling their emotions, and staying on task. They also get easily distracted and have difficulty completing tasks. Exposure to loud noise can make it difficult to pay attention. Noise pollution can also cause anxiety and irritability, which can make it hard to control emotions and focus on a task.

People diagnosed with ADHD are sensitive to noise, and exposure to loud noise can trigger symptoms or make them worse. If you suffer from ADHD, it’s important to avoid exposure to loud noise whenever possible. If you can’t avoid noise pollution, there are some things you can do to minimize its effects. Wearing earplugs or noise-canceling headphones can help reduce noise exposure and create a quiet environment at home.

insulation installation in progress
insulation installation in progress

Helps Avoid Sensory Overload

Acoustic comfort also helps us avoid sensory overload by allowing us to focus on what we’re doing or thinking about rather than being distracted by other noises around us. Sensory overload can overwhelm people with anxiety disorders and make them feel unsafe. By soundproofing your home, you can minimize the noise that enters your home, making it a quiet and safe place for people with autism, anxiety disorders and for highly sensitive persons.

Good for Pets

Excessive noise can affect pets as well. Improving the acoustics in your home can ensure that your pets feel safe and don’t get overwhelmed by loud noises. You’d be surp0rised to know that noise pollution can affect their breeding cycles.

worker installing insulation
worker installing insulation

Options for Sound Proofing

People buy noise-canceling headphones to improve their experience when they listen to music or watch a movie. In the same way, they need to invest in soundproof insulation for their premises. Insulation panels are specially designed to absorb high-frequency noises that can be harmful to residents in the building. You can choose between different types of insulation and materials depending on how much noise you want to block out.

There are also several options—from installing heavy-duty external insulation to building a soundproof room on the inside of your home. But the best solution for most people will depend on their budget and how much time and effort they want to invest in making things more quiet and comfortable.

Mineral Wool Insulation

Mineral wool is the perfect insulation material for studios, hospitals, and libraries where noise can affect the performance of its occupants.

The material is eco-friendly and resistant to moisture. It’s perfect for all types of climates, including areas where it rains a lot. It is also highly resistant to fire.

Cellulose Insulation

In cellulose insulation, plant fiber is used to insulate walls. It is an affordable option, especially considering the economy. It gives optimal results and is also resistant to insects and fires.

It is environmentally friendly and uses recycled materials like paper to achieve soundproofing. This stops them from landing in landfills and helps people contribute to reducing their carbon footprint.

RoxulSound Insulation

Roxul sound insulation is very popular in commercial and residential settings as it’s effective against fire and for its robust sound absorption qualities. The stone wool is dense and porous which also makes it the perfect insulation material against cold and heat, helping homeowners save on energy costs for years to come.

Spray foam insulation
Spray foam insulation

Sound Proof Your Home Today

Tired of losing a good night’s sleep due to loud noises? It is about time you take control back in your own hands. At Pure Eco Inc., we are a team of highly experienced insulation contractors that go the extra mile to ensure perfect insulation for your property. We have a proven record of delivering reliable insulation installation across California, including San Fernando Valley, Tarzana, Monrovia, Rancho Cucamonga, and Los Angeles. Our services include soundproof insulation, crawl space insulation, and attic insulation in Monrovia.

Reach out to us for affordable insulation installation in Pomona. You can also email us at INFO@PUREECOINC.COM and our friendly staff will get back to you as fast as possible.

We also offer free consultations and full-fledged energy audits to help solve your problems according to your budget.

We also offer financing under the Green Sky Credit Program which helps ensure that money isn’t a constraint when it comes to getting the perfect insulation options in California. See what our customers have to say about us here.

Attic insulation

Crawl Space Insulation: What You Need to Know

The malfunctioning crawlspace insulation might be to blame if your heating system is running at full capacity, but you’re still feeling chilly.

Inspect your crawl space—insulation that is damp and hanging is a certain sign of old or poor installation. However, you might not find any insulation whatsoever if your home was constructed prior to the 1990 standardization of energy-efficient building requirements. As of now, the U.S. Department of Energy advises using at least R-9-value flooring insulation.

You must choose the best insulation strategy for your region’s climate in order to stay warm underfoot.

Insulation underneath floorboards makes it appropriate in regions with mild or drier climates that do not provide a risk of persistently below-freezing temperatures. Choose to insulate the walls or completely shut off your crawl space in areas where temperatures are harsh in winters.

Insulating the Crawl Space Floor

The ideal method to insulate any crawlspace is to start from the bottom and treat it like any other basement or another conditioned area. Spray foam insulation isn’t a DIY project and can be a bit pricey, but in this situation, it can be very cost-effective in the long run, saving you loads of money on energy bills and lasting for a long period. It covers all the minuscule gaps, has a good R-value, and offers moisture and air seal as well.

Spray foam insulation
Spray foam insulation

Insulating the Crawl Space Walls

There are some different methods for insulating the interior walls of a crawl space.  In this case, you can shape a small wall a bit away from the concrete barrier; having to sit it on smaller pieces of plastic or foam will prevent it from coming in contact with the floor and soaking up moisture. According to building codes, any crawlspace  over 5 feet must have fire prevention covering each foam product. Next, spray foam is put into the holes and between the studs of the walls, leaving space for wiring if necessary.

Hire Professional Insulation Contractors

If you’re planning to get your crawl space insulated in LA, hire expert insulation contractors from Eco Pure Inc. We have been providing crawl space insulation services in Los Angeles for a long time. Moreover, we also provide attic insulation and cleaning services. Contact us now for more information.


Is Your Insulation Up to Code?

The importance of effective building insulation can’t be overlooked. Building insulation varies from state to state. It’s not only about keeping you cozy; it’s also about effective energy management and reducing dependence on energy appliances. To promote energy conservation, the International Code Council, an independent NGO, decided to set standards for commercial and residential insulation. Regional climate and material availability were the leading factors in setting insulation standards for different states.

Building Insulation Laws in California

Most building insulation regulations are subjected to the different climate zones cities in California are divided into. For cities like Los Angeles that fall in Climate Zone 3, the ceiling insulation stands at an R-value of 38 with mass wall insulation of 8/13. The thermal envelope for the basement wall is set at 5/13, while the thermal envelope value for crawl spaces is 5/13.

Insulating the attic and crawlspaces is extremely important. Without proper insulation, your attic will heat up in the Californian summers in no time. Temperature extremity in winter will affect your home’s insulation equally. Insulation installation in Arleta won’t be a problem if you are in touch with our reliable insulation contractors.

Basement Insulation

The insulation for basement walls is supposed to be 10 feet below the grade or to the basement floor from the top. Basement wall insulation is not a must for excessively humid and warm regions. We’d recommend rigid foam for your basement wall insulation. The insulation can be used in any part of the house, including attic hatches.  

Floor Insulation

Floor insulation must be installed in such a way that it remains in contact with the subfloor decking. Any space between the insulation and flooring would lead to trapped air and moisture between the flooring and the insulation.

Best Materials for Floor Insulation

Expanded polystyrene sheets would be a good idea for your floor insulation. They are fire-resistant and easier to install. They can be easily fixed on a flat surface and are resistant to pressure. The sheets would not collapse or crack easily. The EPS sheets have been studied to be recyclable and clean to manufacture.

Contact our reliable attic insulation team in Camarillo and Canyon Country for a consultation.

Upgrade Your Insulation to Modern Standards

If you haven’t remodeled or renovated your home in a long time, your home insulation may not be up to modern standards. Make sure your attic is properly insulated this time. Not only will attic insulation offer consistent home temperature, but it is also required to reduce dependence on electrical appliances.

 a man working on a construction project

Attic Insulation in Camarillo by Our Reputed Insulation Contractors

Each home is different with different insulation needs. At Pure Eco Inc., we offer sturdy attic and crawl space insulation for older homes and newly constructed buildings. Opt for a free consultation to decide which insulation material would be best for your residential building.

Contact us at +12132560365 for more information.

Attic insulation

It’s Not Just the Heat: Why You Need Ventilation In Your Attic

Ventilation is a crucial factor for a well-functioning home, but it’s something that many homeowners don’t pay attention to. Because of this, they aren’t able to achieve the type of optimal results they are hoping for from their ceiling and roof insulation. Learn about the reasons why ventilation is important in this blog.

Improves Health

Ventilation is essential for the health and safety of your family. It helps remove moisture, dust, and heat from the air and also prevents harmful pests from spreading and becoming a problem in your attic. If you don’t have enough ventilation, your house will be filled with dust, which can make you and your family members sick. It’s important to have enough ventilation in your attic so that the air in your house can be replaced with fresh air consistently. If you aren’t breathing fresh air, you’ll end up with respiratory problems like asthma or allergies. Weak lungs are something you or your family can afford in this pandemic.

Saves from Structural Damage

If you don’t have proper ventilation in your attic, it could result in condensation problems that can cause damage to your roof and other materials inside your home over time. Without proper ventilation, you will be stuck with indoor pollutants, smoke, and cooking odors from the kitchen. It’s critical that in the construction phase of your house, you focus on structural ventilation so that moisture buildup can be slowed down in uninsulated walls in the basement and crawlspace. This will also help manage the heat levels in the attic.

Helps Improve Insulation Performance

Ventilation and insulation work hand in hand. The lower parts of a house generate warm air that finds its way to the attic. When the ventilation is poor, the temperature will start rising as excess heat accumulates. This is why ventilation is crucial to cool your house during the scorching summer months. Some spots of the house should not be uninsulated, for example, the hollows between rafters. With the right ventilation and insulation, you can get the savings in your bill you are hoping for.


Attic Insulation in Rancho Cucamonga

Searching for a reputable insulation company in Los Angeles? At Pure Eco Inc., we have a consistent track record of offering high-quality insulation services across California, including San Fernando Valley, Tarzana, Monrovia, Rancho Cucamonga, and Los Angeles. Our portfolio of solutions includes attic and ceiling insulation, soundproof insulation, radiant barrier insulation, and crawl space insulation. 

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