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6 Reasons for High Power Bills in Santa Monica

Most homeowners in Santa Monica don’t pay attention to minor fluctuations in their energy bills. But these minute changes often indicate serious electrical and insulation installation problems around the house. Fixing this problem is easier with the help of professional HVAC and insulation contractors of Santa Monica. The reasons for a high electric bill vary from one household to another, and here are some of the most common ones.

1. Power Wastage

There are many appliances, chargers, and plugs in your home that might be consuming energy without you knowing it. When you put all of this wastage together, it can make a substantial impact on your monthly electric bill. Make a habit of switching off TVs, microwaves, and all other appliances from the source when not in use. These little changes can go a long way in terms of energy conservation.

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2. Improper Insulation

Your home constantly leaks from the roof, attic, and floor. Even your home’s walls, windows, and doors can let out heated or cooled air. Investing in energy-conserving insulation services will impact the functionality of your HVAC system and reduce its electricity consumption.

3. Old Appliances or Wiring

Old appliances and wiring have higher electrical resistance, which increases their energy consumption. This is why your home’s electrical wiring also needs to be updated with the other systems.

4. Thermostat Issues

The thermostat of your house should be adjusted throughout the day, depending on the weather conditions and needs of your family. Even a few degree changes can bring your energy bill down by a lot. Alter your wardrobe instead of reaching out for the thermostat every time, and conserve energy.

5. Starting Your Day Late

Daylight-saving experts recommend starting your day early so that you can make use of natural light as much as possible. You will be able to replace expensive artificial light with sunlight and maintain an early bedtime routine as well (saving more electricity).

6. Climate Conditions

This factor is not in the control of a resident and impacts all people of Santa Monica unanimously.
You cannot control the effects of global warming and weather fluctuations, but you can make changes within your household with the help of Pure Eco Inc. Our company offers expert insulation installation and HVAC repair services throughout Santa Monica. Visit our website now and limit your home’s energy consumption smartly.

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