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4 Reasons to Replace Your Air Conditioner in Calabasas

Air conditioners can last many years depending on their quality and how well they’re installed. They can undergo wear and tear after long usage in summers and should be repaired and serviced on time. However, once it reaches a certain age, it is advisable to replace it instead of paying more for repairs. But how do you find out if your AC needs a repair or a replacement? Here are some easy indicators that identify the need for a new air conditioner.

1. High Energy Bills

If the electrical wiring and panels in your home are all working perfectly, but you still have to pay for high energy bills, you should reevaluate the condition of your AC. An unexplainably high electric bill points towards worn-out appliances and an old HVAC system. AC and insulation contractors of Calabasas can offer replacement services for this system and help you cut down on monthly energy costs.  

2. Has it Been Ten Years?

If you have been using an air conditioner for more than a decade, then its performance would start to decline quickly. It can stop functioning without a warning or cause other electrical problems in your house. Replacing this worn-out system is essential for your home’s safety and energy efficiency.

3. Old Technology

If your AC system is outdated, it will be more difficult and expensive to repair. This is because the repair parts needed for your system will be scarce and costly. You will also need to find a contractor from Calabasas that understands older systems. Save yourself these troubles and purchase a new air conditioner instead.

4. Environmental Safety

If you consider yourself an environmentally conscious resident of Calabasas, you should not keep an air conditioner that uses R-22 Freon. This refrigerant was common in many old air conditioning systems but was recently banned due to its adverse effects on human health and the safety of the ecosystem.

To buy a technologically advanced and environmentally friendly air conditioner, hire Pure Eco’s expert AC and insulation contractors from anywhere in Calabasas. We can help you reduce your energy bill through efficient insulation installation and suggest innovative ways to prolong the life of your HVAC system. Contact us now and learn all about our services.  

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