4 Attic Ventilation Myths You Need to Stop Believing

No part of a house is as misunderstood and overlooked as an attic. Most people won’t even get attic insulation, ventilation, and sealing until they notice their house doesn’t stay hot/cold, and the utility bills keep increasing. Ventilation, in particular, is necessary to regulate air quality, and its absence can cause many problems. However, some false information about attic ventilation is making its round on the internet.

Here are some myths you should stop believing if you want good ventilation in your attic.

Myth 1: It’s Only Helpful In The Summer

Attic ventilation, like attic insulation, is helpful in summer and winter, especially in the latter. During winter, the home’s interior is warm while there is snow or cool air outside. When the warm air rises and reaches the roof, it cools, and moisture condenses on the roof’s underside. This is because cool air has less moisture. The condensation can lead to many problems like mold, mildew, wood rot, and water entering the insulation.

Poor attic ventilation will also cause ice dams as warm air will reach the roof and heat it without ventilation. This will melt the snow, which will trickle down. However, moving away from the heat source will freeze up around the roof’s edge, creating ice dams.

Myth 2: It Will Significantly Reduce Energy Bills

Although it helps reduce energy bills, it won’t completely slash it, as some believe. Ventilation lets moisture escape and brings in fresh air. You need attic insulation and sealing with ventilation to make a significant difference to your energy bills.


Myth 3: All Vents Are The Same

Attic ventilation is a combination of intake and exhaust vents. This is so the air can properly circulate. The intake vents are soffit vents, and exhaust vents are ridge vents or gable vents. There needs to be a balance between the two. If there are fewer intake vents, the airflow may reverse. Air circulation is inefficient, making it challenging for excess heat and moisture to escape.

Myth 4: More Vents, More Ventilation

More attic ventilation isn’t always good. You should adequately size your attic and assess it to determine how many vents it needs. Just like you won’t add five air conditioning units for a space that needs one, you’ll also need the right amount of vents for your attic.

If you don’t have enough ventilation, it will cause moisture problems and decrease energy efficiency. On the flip side, adding too many will cause problems as well. Attic vents are vulnerable to leaks; the more vents you add, the higher the probability of leaks. In addition, these leaks can lead to blowouts during hurricanes.   

Porter Ranch’s Top Insulation Contractor

If you’re getting attic insulation and plan to use the attic as more than storage, you’ll need ventilation. These are some myths you have to stop believing to get attic insulation and ventilation done right. Pure Eco Inc. ensures your home is as efficient as it can be. In addition, we offer attic cleaning and attic insulation in Porter Ranch.

We’re the top insulation contractors and stand by our commitment to giving you an insulated, energy-efficient home! Contact us today to learn more about insulation services and attic cleaning.

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