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3 Ways to Make Crawl Spaces Energy Efficient

Did you know that your crawl spaces, basements, and attics are often overlooked spaces that can help save energy in your home?

The crawl spaces are seldom used in your home and are often neglected. During winter, freezing drafts can make your home colder. While during the summer, warm air can accumulate in crawl spaces making your house lose the cooling from the air-conditioner.

Fortunately, here are some ways you can make your crawl space more energy efficient:

Insulate Your Wall Perimeter

The most efficient way to insulate your crawl space is to use an insulation board in the walls of the entire crawl space. This way, the entire crawl space can maintain and regulate the temperature by letting in any external air and the internal air out. This will also protect your plumbing and wiring.

Seal All Your Ducts And Use Insulation

Your crawl space also contains plumbing pipes, wires, and air ducts between the joints. The air system in your home is connected to these ducts and regulates the internal temperature. So, it’s important that there are no duct holes to deal with. If your air duct has a hole or leak, cold and hot air can infiltrate your crawl space, changing your home’s internal environment. You can always call for an insulation installation to seal your air ducts and crawl spaces for energy efficiency.

Insulate Your Crawl Space Door

Just like you insulate your other doors in the house, your crawl space door also needs to be insulated well. This will block any cold or hot air from outside and keep the internal temperature constant. Whether the door is accessible from the outside or inside, you should ensure that it’s airtight. You can use weather stripping along the edges to keep out the drafts and use an insulation board in the door to provide firm insulation.

a man installing insulation on the wall

Get Affordable Insulation Installation In Simi Valley

Preventing the passage of air in your crawl space can protect your home from temperature changes and reduce costs on energy and utility. If you’re looking for quality insulation installation services in Simi Valley for your home, attic, basement, or crawl spaces, check us out at Pure Eco Inc.

You can get in touch with us now to get a quote on your insulation project.

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