How To Save On Energy

Hey, big spender! Want to know how to save on energy?

Well, there are many ways to cut on your energy use, and many things you can do yourself, such as turning off lights whenever you leave the room or cleaning the coils of your refrigerator every six months or so. However, the most energy efficient way to save big on electricity use has long been proven to be the transformation of your house into an energy efficient one 24/7, using these few steps:

1. Installation of Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans maintain your space cool in the summer when there’s less usage of your AC, or when there isn’t one at all. When it’s wintertime, you can switch them to turn clockwise, thus circulating the warmer air rising up to the ceiling back down into the room. This is a cheap, yet great options to increase the energy efficiency of your home.

2. Insulating Walls, Floors and Attics

Insulation is what keeps the bones of your home warm, it fits between the studding and framing of the walls and in the attic, and it really does the job of not only holding heat in the winter, but also letting the house “breathe” in the summer.
The outer shell, or envelope, of your home is the barrier that prevents the temperatures of the inside and outside air from equalizing. The better insulated the walls, floors and roof are, the less energy your heating and cooling systems have to use to warm or cool the air in your home. Since heat rises, insulating your roof is especially important to keep warm air inside in cold climates

3. Installation of Radiant Barrier (Reflective Insulation)

While most insulation reduces heat transfer by physically blocking it, reflective insulation, also called a radiant barrier, is installed on the attic floor, where it reflects the heat radiated into the attic by a hot roof and prevents it from entering the living space below. While reflective insulation has some value in lowering heating bills, its main purpose is to keep the house cool in hot climates.
Radiant Barriers are used to keep a roof cool; they can be installed in your attic and will help if you live in a sunny climate to stop the house from heating up. They can also be added inside the walls of your home and in crawl spaces, as they work as moisture barriers as well.

4. Soffit Vents.

Soffit Vents should be maintained and not blocked for energy efficiency, and if broken they should be replaced. They immensely help with circulating air that keeps the attic cool. With adding an attic fan, it will further improve ventilation and stop the air conditioning unit from having to work so hard.

5. Sealing Air Leaks

Even walls with good insulation can let warm or cool air escape through cracks and gaps around windows and doors. Drafty homes require more power to heat and cool than tight homes, so save energy by caulking and weather­ stripping to stop air leaks. In older homes, it’s virtually impossible to seal the house too tightly; in most cases, because of the construction methods used, there will still be enough fresh air to maintain good ventilation after sealing the biggest leaks.

6. Insulating Ducts

In homes with central heating and air ­conditioning units that force air through a duct system, leaking ducts may lower efficiency by up to 20 percent. Seal and insulate all of the ducts in your house to let the warm and cool air get where it’s supposed to go as efficiently as possible. Good insulation is even more important when the ducts travel through unfinished areas like attics or basements. Finally, seal the areas around the registers to keep air from leaking behind the wall or under the floor.
A quite major plus is, that not only you’ll be saving BIG on your monthly electricity bills & expenses by insulating your house, but you’ll also be donating greatly to maintaining your and your family members’ health, by breathing a more pure air with clean and fresh ducts, all while helping to save the environment as well!

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